Morphedo is an Indian Government recognized startup under its Startup India plan [Certificate Number: DIPP1015.]
Morphedo is incubated at Nexus, American Center, New Delhi. An international incubator jointly supported by US Government and University of Texas in collaboration with FICCI, India.

Our Services

Our Services

3D Printing Services

Irrespective of the application of a 3d printed part or material to be used for the production, for an unparalleled 3d printing experience reach out to Morphedo, a one stop shop for 3d printing services.

We provide 3D printing services in 20+ materials and 5+ different types of 3D printing techniques which can cater to all types of 3D printing requirements. We also utilize nationwide network of 3d printing facilities to reduce lead time for your production. From a small size prototype to a large size functional part we 3D print it all. [(Maximum Built size: 900*900*900 mm), Parts bigger than this are sliced and made, later assembled and post processed.

Fused Deposition Modeling

Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Ideal for: General purpose prototypes

Selective Laser Sintering

Technology: SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

Ideal for: Functional prototypes and parts


Technology: SLA (Stereolithography)

Ideal for: Visual prototypes, making masters of vaccuum casting, patterns for investment casting.

Direct Metal laser Sintering

Technology: DMLS ( Direct Metal laser Sintering )

Ideal for: Tough functional prototypes like complex oil and gas components, custom medical guides and aerospace parts

Full Color Sandstone

Technology: Binder Jetting technology (Full Color Sandstone)

Ideal for: Life like realistic full color models, sculptures, miniatures


Technology: MultiJet

Ideal for: High output wax patterns for direct investment casting applications

3D Printing Consultancy

3D Printing Consultancy

Right from discovery and assessment of your new product development processes for the incorporation of 3d printing technology to making cost-effective prototypes or to producing small batches to go to market fast, you can rely on us for an unparalleled experience.

The in-depth knowledge acquired by working with teams from all the areas of 3D Printing ecosystem enables us to provide customized 3D printing consultancy for every 3d printing services query.

3D Designing for 3D Printing

Whether it is about converting your 2d drawing files to a 3d model or designing a 3d model right from your concept, our 3d designing experts do it all providing you the best in class 3d designing experience for 3d printing incorporating all the iterations. We analyze your product design files for 3d printability, assisting you to modify designs to optimize prototyping cost. Our Services include:

3D CAD Services
3D Modeling Services
3D Conversion

3D Designing for 3D Printing

3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering

3d scanning allows you to create a 3d model by scanning a physical product which can be then 3d printed and is widely used for reverse engineering. Our services include:

Part to CAD Modelling
3D Laser Scanning
3D Digital Sculpting

Post Processing & Small Batch Production

Once you have tested the prototype of your new product and want to manufacture small batches (under 500 units) for pilot market launch before investing heavily in production tooling, low volume production is for you. We use techniques like SLS 3d Printing and Vaccum casting to manufacture small batches. Post processing is done to achieve matte or gloss finish as required.

Post Processing & Small Batch Production